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Work parties

During the off-season members are encouraged to contribute to the ongoing maintenance and cleaning of the lodge. In order for the lodged to be maintained to a standard that is acceptable to our members, members are encouraged to visit during the ‘green season’ and carry out jobs that are suitable to their own skill level. Importantly, members involvement helps the AWSC budget stretch further. 


The lodge manager will be able to assign jobs according to the needs at the time.

Members that cannot do a work party will be charged a fee that will accompanying the annual sub fees for that year.


General work party type duties:

  • Cutting grass on the property

  • Rubbish collection around lodge

  • Removal debris on property

  • Deep cleaning bathrooms 

  • Checklist created and cabin supplies restocked

  • Doona covers, mattress protectors removed and washed

  • General tidying of green waste on property

  • Internal & external painting

  • Empty and clean kitchen cupboards

  • Removal of cobwebs and dusting (pictures, ceiling lights etc)

  • Internal patching and painting 

  • Replace battery in smoke alarms / front door

  • Cleaning windows (inside and out)

  • Clean out under lodge, tip run

  • Replace globes as necessary

  • Maintenance on door handles

  • Remove stubborn mould

  • Seal external holes on cladding

  • Bunk room windows cleaned

  • General surface clean  - all surfaces/handrail etc

Please note: there is a ladder located under the lodge (new extension), some generals tools in the storage cupboards and cleaning equipment located in the lodge. You may be required to bring something from your own personal supplies to assist.


If you’re unable to do a work party prior to the upcoming season, an annual fee of $120 will accompany your annual sub fees.


This fee is under review for 2023.

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