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A strong nucleus of loyal cohesive members has over the decades created a unique club. Racing was an important aspect of club activity and the club acquired a reputation as a racing club though it was never formed as such and not all members were racers but contributed in other ways.


In the late 1940’s The Victorian branch discussed the possibility of building their own lodge and applied for a site in the first sub division being made by the forestry commission at Mt Buller.


Early in 1949 AWSC was allotted one of 7 quarter acre blocks in the Cow Camp area. With unflagging determination the members and their friends succeeded in raising funds, obtaining building materials, in spite of post-war shortages, and finally building The Cabin, mainly with their own labour, over the summers of 1950-51.


Another united effort by members and the family of Joyce Brockhoff led to the building of the Joyce Brockhoff Memorial Cabin on the Loch Spur at Mt Hotham. Joyce was one of Australia’s foremost and earliest women skiers and racers and a foundation member of AWSC.


Over the years the club has lost its NSW branch but the Victorian branch has continued, probably because of the loyalty and dedication of its members in contributing to racing and the development of girls skiing in Victoria. 


AWSC was founded in NSW in September 1932.


During a blizzard at Charlotte Pass in July 1932, a group of members of the Ski Club of Australia sat around in the Women’s dormitory of the Chalet discussing how they could help women’s skiing and particularly encourage young girls. From this arose the idea of forming an Australian Ladies Ski Club on the lines of the Ladies Ski Club of Great Britain, drawing members from all states and existing clubs. And the Australian Women’s Ski Club was born...

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